Saturday, November 22, 2008

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>How To Know Whether Some Ones Blog Is Cash Cow or Just a Stupid Junk

Yeah many bloggers are already there making money from nothing, just by working for 2 to 3 hours daily on their goldmine blog. As I always mention on this blog the best thing to do to get there is to watch. Don't start any project, don't hurry, force, be tempted, rushed, ... to start if you feel you don't yet know whats going on. This is very important because in the world of blogging traffic = money, yes, and if you are new to blogging you don't know where the traffic comes from. And by studding any blog I was able to figure out whether or not it was a good business or not. This depends on some important things you have to notice about blog.

Traffic: Traffic can be measured by many ways, first you can check for blog search engine ranking like Technorati, and see how many members it has in communities like MyBlogLog and BlogCatelog, these numbers can give you important insight about the traffic of a blog. Also Alexa is my favorite it can tell u whether the website has traffic Alexa 2000000 or lower, and also is the traffic rising or declining.

Although Alexa ranking can be manipulated by some webmasters its still a good measure of website traffic.

Google PR: Google PR is essential to any successful website, its the current that make google index pages, and without this current the blog will be seprate from the internet world. So having some PR is important to decide whether its a good blog or not.

Another thing you can look at is the number of indexed pages, this also can be an important mesure of PR and how good internal structure is.

Starting Date: When the blog was started and how consistant the blogger was is also important as it will show he had been motivated to go on posting.

No of Posts: No successful blog has less than 100 to 150 posts, after this number of posts and good content and promoting , you can have a constant residual traffic. Off course if you haven't made a mistake.

Quality Of Content: Blogs must be human friendly more than Search Engine friendly, this way they can make loyal visitors and interest. It might not look important to blogger to post quality content, Its one of the lessons you can learn from watching the the bigs.

Some Widgets:
Some widgets like traffic meters and Feedburner subscribers and aweber readers widgets can be importnt to measure importance of a blog, and number of readers subscribed to the feed, also there are some widgets.

The summary of these factors can tell you a lot about the blog and how much traffic it has, then you can decide whether it will be good to check the techniques followed by this blogger or not.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Most Successful Bloggers are very Nice Guys!

This is one of the things I noticed from bloggers I have communicated with through forums and emails, they are very nice and like to help. Actually its one of the pillars of blogging to help your readers and subscribers.

I will more likely visit a blog who's owner is willing to help rather than one who will not help and ignore emails and inquiries.

I will more likely visit a blog when after I leave a comment on a specific post (not spam a relevant comment that adds value to the discussion) will send me a thank you email, yes many blogs do that, I feel strong motive to go back to those blogs again and again.

I will more likely go visit a blog if I feel its a transparent blog regarding information, and will give all information regarding a subject in a way that will be of benefit to the reader, Not half the truth, or hype to push visitor to buy or avoiding competition.

on the other hand

I will not visit a blog with posts that are all text with no pictures or just copied ezines.

I will not click on a post called "Make Money Online made easy" but rather something like "A little blog I started 3 months ago made me .... last month!"

I will not go to a blog with poor design and a lot of ads, I think there is some measures that if the blog look is below the reader will lose trust in the author's work.

That is all.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tips to Save Your Search Engine Powered Traffic in 2009

Search Engines are the most attractive and reliable source of traffic among many webmasters. The main reason for this is that the traffic from Search Engine is effortless or at least doesn’t need daily work like other types like RSS and PPC. However traffic from the search engine has some problems that can ruin your entire online business. I have stated below some of the major problems and their solution.

1. The problem of De-Indexing: this is a growing problem in the web today. Due to Search Engines fighting spam and trying to filter old / duplicate content many good pages might get de-indexed in the way to solve this problem:
  • Always get at least one High PR link to your home page and this will be enough to save your site from this problem
  • Make sure each page has a clear and not lengthy linking structure from home page.
  • Create Sitemap and submit it to Google.
  • Link to home page and any page that has subpages (joint pages).
  • Make sure not link from no follow/un-indexed sites.
2. The problem of Duplicate Content: and here I don’t mean complete duplication recently even content similarity is considered a type of duplication, and sooner or later it will all get filtered out. To solve this problem:
  • Write or outsource unique and relevant content.
  • Never use PLR articles as they will be used by others and the duplication will grow.
  • Use services like CopyScape to protect your unique content.
3. The problem of Competition: this is major problem in the niches that make money and the best solution to it is to spy on your competition using some SEO tool like SEO Elite or Web CEO. Such software will disclose to you all the links that your competitor has and you can do the same thing.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» A Very Powerful Tool that Will Tell You Where The Money is, And Decide Your Blogging Future

Starting a blog for Money is the goal of 80 to 90 percent of bloggers starting today. When starting a blog for money there is number of points one must take in consideration before immersing into action. Of those points are:

1-Niche Analysis and ROI.
2-Competition Analysis.
3-Monetizing Sources.

No matter what you like, the important thing is what the readers and subscribers like. Niche analysis is one of the most important pre-step to success in blogging. and the tool I will give you today is called Google Insights for Search with this tool you can compare the volume of search of two keywords in Google, it will not give you the real numbers but you can figure out the volume by comparing two searches, the tool will give you a nice graph beginning from 2004 and can be customized further.

Another thing that Google Insights for Search will provide you is the ability to see from which countries the searches are coming. this way you can always compare which niche is better.

For ex. if you would like to start a digital camera blog, you can compare this keyword with keywords of other niches like weight loss and see which one is better. I found this tool very useful and I wondered why nobody told me about it. So am telling you its a good one ;)

for the other two points I will dedicate later posts to talk about.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

>>>> After I spied on Successful Bloggers for a while, See what I have to say about it!

Spying on the Successful Bloggers will get you somewhere, I guarantee!

I have done some spying research to see what those so called successful bloggers were doing to get these huge numbers of readers to their website, and as I was expecting the blogging business depend on humans more than bots (unlike my usual marketing). This dependency on humans has its own set of tools and techniques to get in the top.

Some of things to point out were:

1. They provide good Content: What does that mean? Does it mean you have to spend 5 hours to finish out your post before you publish it? Noooooooo Good content are the content that the public want in that very moment of your post, If you can write an informative brief and meaningful post its good content and will bring you traffic just like those people out there do! And I suggest using tools like Google Trends and Google insights for Search that will tell you about the mood of people today.

2. They are simple, and honest: We all know that being yourself will make you more sales in this industry, The thing I want to add here is you need to give some value, and convince people that the human being on the back end of this blog is willing to help and is a Nice Guy, you might make some sales by being yourself but by Being a Nice Guy with your visitors you will dominate. So I suggest you answer comments, add visitors in mybloglog … add visitors in twitter…

3. They Post regularly: I was studding this guys blog his name is Timothy Sykes he has made $45000 in July 2008, I checked his archive and I noticed that he posts up to 3 times in a single day, he has got about 1057 readers according to his Feedburner widget.

4. They read a lot: in order to find good topics for your posts you will need to be in touch with the news of your niche, am not saying to go copy and paste the same content you have to write the post in your own way and in human favorable style. Try to add some humor to the subject, add info. From other sources … get creative!

5. Get Links to your blog to have SERP traffic too: This will be a bonus to you if google indexed all your posts you are getting the advantage of getting traffic from Search Engine in addition to the RSS.

6. Design is Important: A good design will make you money, and a poor one will make you starve that simple, even if you have good content.

7. Avoid Ad Blasts: Most people will hate your blog if you put many ads and little content, you have to moderate and give value.

8. Talk to people like you talk with your friends: this is important for success, instead of pretending to be a huge company and made tons of money online … blablabla of the hype. People will like your blog even if you have done some mistakes, but you’re telling the truth and being yourself. Just do it, ok.

Although I might not have covered many other important things that are important for success. I believe that nothing is perfect and knowledge always need to be accumulated and filtered frequently to get to the Truth that we all need.

Good Day.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I Expect this to Make Money Online

I have been in the business for a year by now, and I remember the days when I used to do things and wait for results at the Adsense earning report page or Clickbank earning page and nothing above the number Zero. This was in the past though I still do it sometimes, but today I spend more time promoting, and doing the right things the right way.
The problem when you first get into internet marketing business is to learn, and to learn the right things, not the rumors and people’s expectations.

By now I use two ways to do marketing as in the chart down here, I focus on getting traffic from SEO and RSS in separate way:

I currently focus on SEO and have made some success with it though it’s just amateurish experimental. I expect to increase my exposure to 5 times this year.

Friday, November 7, 2008

»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»Earn Money Blogging

Earning money with blog is simple and easy. But first, what is a blog? A blog is kind of a website, a journal that is available on the web. It's already hosted and set with all kinds of different tools. So if you decide to create or set up a blog you just have to choose the company that offers one, choose the domain and you are almost ready.

By almost I mean , you have to ask your self first what are your goals with one. You have to decide whether you intend to make some money from it or simply to have one from pure fun.

Monetizing your blog takes a lot of knowledge and time in order to do it proper. You can monetize you blog many ways and here are some:

  • Display advertizing, include within your page elements as much ads as you like, but include only the relevant one.
  • Targeted advertising is also great way of monetizing. This way you include other companies ads, some are paying good to promote their ads within your site.
  • Affiliate links: are far most popular and they provide great deal of income trough your blog.
  • Selling your content: You can sell almost anything over your site (ebooks, DVDs,...)

These are only some of monetizing metods you can use to earn money blogging. As you can see there are countless ways of how to use your blog in order to make money.

Here is my free tip on how you can earn money blogging.

When you set up a blog exclude all of the page elements and simply use a blog as a preseller page for your affiliate link. This way your blog is for warming up the visitor or subscriber. If set correctly you'll convert better.

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hi from a new Blog

Hello this is the Web Elites Blog, I intend to dedicate this blog for successful internet marketers and webmasters case studies and reviews. Also I will share new ideas and techniques that are of benefit to the Internet Marketing Industry.

Ill be back soon with more...

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