Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Why you should not start a blog about make money online niche

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year every one, I wish you have had great Holidays.

When you start in the Internet Marketing business probably you will make the mistake of choosing to blog about internet marketing itself and teach people how to make money online. The temptations to start in such niche are many:

Its the easiest choice as you are studding internet marketing and learn new things about it you can easily share those techniques with other people by blogging about them. Also it does not need extra research and everything will seem to fit with your pacing.

the biggest problem with this niche is that it is a niche which targets webmasters who are sooner or later becoming savvy people in this field, they know what an affiliate link is, and will rarely click on it. they know what adsense and all other ads are and will not click on them. they think many times before buying something. Also because of the ease of getting into this niche many people have already well established their websites in the market and the competition is already too big.

Although I have made this mistake myself it's never too late to start a new niche in other interesting areas ;)

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