Thursday, August 13, 2009

Web CEO Review is WebCEO worth the price?

Web CEO is an SEO software designed to integrate all the SEO operations in a single program. Web CEO’s most desired feature is making the SEO process quicker and easier, instead of using several websites and tools that most of the time will cost you extra bucks to purchase, Web CEO has all what you need to Analyze, Track, and Rise your current ranking in all main search engines. If you haven’t tried the software you can always check the free eddition here:

The version 8.0 of Web CEO has many enhancements one of them is that Keyword Search Tool now obtains data directly from Google and search frequencies from Google’s keyword tool. Blog Submission has also been expanded and many new websites were added to the network. Yet the best update is that your pages with incoming backlinks are tracked and notifications will alert you when these pages got dropped by a search engine so that you take the right action.

Web CEO’s latest list of modules

The Web CEO Software includes these functions:

  • Keyword suggestion tool
  • Optimization module
  • WYSIWYG html Editor
  • Submission module
  • Link popularity module
  • The Pay-Per-Click manager
  • Ranking checker
  • Traffic analysis module
  • FTP Uploader tool
  • Auditor tool
  • Monitoring tool

All these tools may seem somewhat daunting and you may wonder where to begin. WebCEO is a structured software so SEO process is done using the logical steps.
The tool has been used by many of the leading companies and websites like IBM, SIEMENS, PayPal and many others due to its reliability and efficiency. Web CEO’s user friendly interface and continuous update and support made it the optimal choice for SEO companies and individuals.


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