Monday, November 17, 2008

Most Successful Bloggers are very Nice Guys!

This is one of the things I noticed from bloggers I have communicated with through forums and emails, they are very nice and like to help. Actually its one of the pillars of blogging to help your readers and subscribers.

I will more likely visit a blog who's owner is willing to help rather than one who will not help and ignore emails and inquiries.

I will more likely visit a blog when after I leave a comment on a specific post (not spam a relevant comment that adds value to the discussion) will send me a thank you email, yes many blogs do that, I feel strong motive to go back to those blogs again and again.

I will more likely go visit a blog if I feel its a transparent blog regarding information, and will give all information regarding a subject in a way that will be of benefit to the reader, Not half the truth, or hype to push visitor to buy or avoiding competition.

on the other hand

I will not visit a blog with posts that are all text with no pictures or just copied ezines.

I will not click on a post called "Make Money Online made easy" but rather something like "A little blog I started 3 months ago made me .... last month!"

I will not go to a blog with poor design and a lot of ads, I think there is some measures that if the blog look is below the reader will lose trust in the author's work.

That is all.

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