Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tips to Save Your Search Engine Powered Traffic in 2009

Search Engines are the most attractive and reliable source of traffic among many webmasters. The main reason for this is that the traffic from Search Engine is effortless or at least doesn’t need daily work like other types like RSS and PPC. However traffic from the search engine has some problems that can ruin your entire online business. I have stated below some of the major problems and their solution.

1. The problem of De-Indexing: this is a growing problem in the web today. Due to Search Engines fighting spam and trying to filter old / duplicate content many good pages might get de-indexed in the way to solve this problem:
  • Always get at least one High PR link to your home page and this will be enough to save your site from this problem
  • Make sure each page has a clear and not lengthy linking structure from home page.
  • Create Sitemap and submit it to Google.
  • Link to home page and any page that has subpages (joint pages).
  • Make sure not link from no follow/un-indexed sites.
2. The problem of Duplicate Content: and here I don’t mean complete duplication recently even content similarity is considered a type of duplication, and sooner or later it will all get filtered out. To solve this problem:
  • Write or outsource unique and relevant content.
  • Never use PLR articles as they will be used by others and the duplication will grow.
  • Use services like CopyScape to protect your unique content.
3. The problem of Competition: this is major problem in the niches that make money and the best solution to it is to spy on your competition using some SEO tool like SEO Elite or Web CEO. Such software will disclose to you all the links that your competitor has and you can do the same thing.

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